Multiple Sclerosis CAUSE AND EFFECT: How Stress Impacted My Thirty-Year Journey with Multiple Sclerosis

I finished my first book, Multiple Sclerosis: A Blessing in Disguise, around the end of 1998. At that time, I was going through a lot of issues that I thought were very important to me. That book told of my discovery, my eventual acceptance of the illness, and how I dealt with what was happening to me. Like anybody else who is faced with the burden of discovery, I had a lot of questions that I felt I really needed to answer, but I never sought to answer why this had happened to me. As I now have had this illness for thirty years, this is what I honestly believe is the "cause and effect" of having this illness in my life.

I have realized that what I had been holding onto various memories ultimately caused my stress, if not added to it. This book will be different from my first book in that it has taken me thirty years to finally admit and actually realize what I feel was my "cause and effect" to being stricken by this illness into my life. Gone are the people that affected my life in such a negative way that I can see it now for what it was. I realize now that I need to "cleanse my soul" (so to speak) and share what I have has happened to me. Many people in my inner circle at that time would not believe me if I'd spoken the truth back then. For years, I've carried around this burden, my burden, and now it's time that it passes and leaves my conscious and subconscious mind once and for all.

Once again, everything I say here is honest and truthful to the best of my ability. As I think you will see, I had an unbelievable amount of stress that for a while I was able to fend off, but in the end, I feel it caused a lot of issues for me. Each person may have a different level of stress that they can absorb, but if you ask anyone who has multiple sclerosis, they will tell you that the prolonged stress that they were under at that particular moment was the reason why it surfaced. Read this book and see if I am correct.

Finally, I realized I was no different.

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    “Well, there was a window at the top of the shelf, and it was letting in all kinds of rain and moisture in the room!“ Mark continued, “It  caused a lot of mold on the wall!”
     Suddenly, Betty chimed in, “I would have to hire someone to close the window, because I wouldn’t be able to reach it!“
     Mark was quick and spouted out, “That is because you’re vertically challenged“.  He was referring to her height.
     I spun around in my chair and laughed out loud! I had never heard that before!
     “Vertically challenged! How funny is that?”  I rolled my chair back, shaking my head!
     Apparently, Betty was not amused, and I was told that she ran into the bathroom crying.
    After several other people went into the bathroom to see what had happened, I was called into upper management and told that Betty was deeply hurt by my laughter and wanted to press charges against me!
     Mind you, I didn’t say a word, but I just laughed at what Mark had said!
      I just laughed!”

A Quote to Remember

"Today is the tomorrow you were so worried about yesterday"

- Dale Carnegie

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